“Ranjini is truly connected with the magic of the angels and has a deep
centred transmission of love to bring to you.  After training her and then
experiencing more of her work personally, I can say that she is totally
committed and able to bring each person a permanent shift with every session
that she does.  The energies that she brought to me were exactly what I
needed based on her keen intuitive insight and magic of the angels.  Her
ability to know you, see your energies, and perfectly guide you is an
amazing combination of capacities.  Her guided and personalized meditation
for me was one of the most beautiful and practical ones that I have ever
experienced.  It will stay with me in support of my overall path for a
lifetime!!”  Daniel John Hanneman, Founder & CEO of Academy for Invincible
Healers, Inc. (USA)


Hello everyone first and foremost I would like to thank God for sending His beautiful messenger across my path. It was such a blessing to connect with Ms. Woodhouse.

Initially, I’ve never had an energy scan before, I read about energy scans but I never had a full understanding of just what was to be expected during one. Ms Woodhouse not only explained what exactly an energy scan was but she gave me the most important advice anyone could have given me during a scan, she told me to expect nothing. Which I did and EVERYTHING came tumbling to the surface. At one point during the Scan, I begin to cry (which I’m a bit insecure about) however she explained to me this just meant energy was moving. Ms Woodhouse moved me on a soul level and gave me some insight as well as some things to think about.

I would recommend her to any soul but especially sensitive Souls who need a caring individual to help guide them along their healing journey. This child is of God and blessed for all nations to see, who is as dedicated to bettering you as she is herself. Thank you again Ms Woodhouse for your help, I look forward to our future sessions.

With an abundance of love and light,

Avantè Lewis (USA)


Within mere minutes of meeting with Ranjini, she shared two of my past lives with me.  I could sense at some level that these past lives had some bearing on my desire to move forward more boldly.  Thinking I would ponder this information later, without any thought, tears welled up and the clearing was underway.  As fast as this information came, the clearing was done.  Ranjini is a loving, powerful healer.  I highly recommend her whether you “think” you have something to clear or not.  The awareness she brings forth and the healing gifts she shares are invaluable.  She is the “healer of healers”.  ~ Jill Borsos (USA)  



Ranjini is one of the most amazing, powerful healers I know. I tell her what I’m feeling, whether it’s health issues or emotional turmoil, and she clears it right out of there. When she’s finished, I always feel better, clearer and happier. Since my sessions with her I have quit my job and started a new job.  I am working less number of hours but earning more than what I used to in my previous job.

I recommend Ranjini without any reservation. If you want to be clearer about your purpose, remove pain, or see yourself as the powerful person you are, then you should work with Ranjini.

Lisa Berman (USA)


PICTURE OF Abdul Hakim

I had the pleasure of having a free energy scan performed by Ranjini and it was amazing to say the least. Ranjini was able to identify core blocks that I had long forgotten about, suppressed do to the nature of the issues. She addressed these blocks in a loving caring manner that I felt was nurturing and safe, like a mother. Ranjini was spot on and very effective in her healing abilities. Truly a blessing to work with her!

Abdul Hakim, Virginia (USA)


I met Ranjini at a networking event when she advised me to book in for an energy scan which was free so I thought why not.

Ranjini blew me away with what she found bearing in mind I have only met this lady twice maximum and had never disclosed any personal information to her! I was amazed with what she found and that it is still affecting me to this day considering this happened nearly 15 years ago. It’s a great service and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home using Skype. This brings me on to the next part. I have a dog which I never told Ranjini about, he is a Jack Russell who is very hypoactive and suffers from OCD & ADHD, well put it this way my dog never sits still for more than a second! At the end of the scan you will be asked to close your eyes and relax, well when I opened my eyes my dog was laying on his side and out for the count it was hilarious, he came round all dazed and totally relaxed bless him!!

I will definitely be booking in for more sessions with this truly amazing lady, who also does REIKI!!

Carla Grey (UK)



I booked a free 15 minute scan out of curiosity.

(I also had underlying thoughts of resistance – my mind wanting to test if the session  was working – sorry do not know you from Adam – or was I giving money to a random stranger who was making tea whilst I sat with my eyes closed kind of thing.) That’s the mind for you!
But when she asked if I was feeling better, I had to admit I was, which shocked and somewhat disconcerted that aspect of the mind.

I immediately booked 2 months worth of sessions.


At the full session when Ranjini started scanning first I felt coolness like a cold air around my knees and then up my legs to the base of my spine. Then a strong image of someone shaking me by the neck – an image not the sensation – this was a little disconcerting. When I shared this with Ranjini she did some clearing and I no longer have the sensation of someone shaking me by the neck.

At each session I could feel the changes.  I had some legal issues going on with my business and I could see no solution to it but when my energies were cleared, hey presto I had clarity on how to sort my legal issues.

My relationship with my ex improved and without being at each other’s throats we are now able to calmly discuss any unresolved issues between us.

I have now started a new business and my money issues are all behind me.

Jane (UK)


Picture of Kathryn

Ranjini session was both powerful and healing. I felt a lot of energy as she scanned my body and she was able to pick up events from my past that relate to current issues with clarity. I really recommend a session especially if there is an area of your life you are having difficulty moving forward in. Thank you.
Kathryn Shah (Sydney, Australia)


Picture of Serena

Ranjini The Soul-Transformer

It all started when Ranjini was offering free energy scans… Without delay I jumped straight in without question at the opportunity not knowing what it entails, purely on trust and honesty I have for Ranjini plus the phenomenal connection she has with the angels, I thought why not.. ? And see what happens…

I booked a 15 minute scan, Ranjini explained clearly what was to be expected and I was amazed at what was picked up instantly…I felt the energy literally scan my whole body from top to toe unaware of what’s about to happen next.
So, after being blown away from answers I’d never even thought affected my life, for all my life, my whole life began to make sense. My life stared to unfold with clear guidance and clearance on how to move forward.
I booked up 3 months worth of sessions even when I was on holiday and even if I had a huge work load. I knew things were changing dramatically plus input from me to do some work too helps.

Ranjini digs deep down into your soul as guided by the Angels by her side.
I was a frivolous spender and always short of money but now I am more conscious of my frivolous spending. I have even started saving money! I have moved out of the concrete jungle and now live in the country side. I used to be a very confrontational person and I must admit I am no longer confrontational. My relationship issues with my family are so much better. I have changed my career and business is growing from strength to strength.

After being stunned from the outstanding transformation up until now, my life has more clarity, direction and focus in every aspect.

Ranjini already knew all of what I was to become, with her gentle approach I can only but thank her for being so patient, a great guide, an amazing soul and truly naturally gifted earth angel. I feel free..!  I feel very blessed.

I would highly recommend energy scanning by Ranjini only if you want to make a serious change in your life, unblocking those confusing everyday issues from love, life and career.
Or continue as you are, if nothing changes, nothing changes!

It’s up to you…

The sessions are worth their weight in gold.

Serena Straker (UK)

Insert Picture of Ulanda

I have had the pleasure to experience both energy scans and clearings by Ranjini
She demonstrates great skill and accuracy with her scans uncovering what is hidden within your energetic system.  Uncovering the moments in the past that are impacting your future shining light on what might be holding you back.
Her energetic clearings are performed in a kind and gentle manner going deep into the issue and quickly bringing relief.
I would highly recommend Ranjini If you are looking to make deep and profound shifts.

Ulanda Kay-Coleman
Ontario, Canada

Insert Picture of Donna

Is an amazing woman and gifted healer. I went to Ranjini for an energy scan and for energy clearing.

The scan was bang on. She shared specific dates and details that I have not shared with many people.

I had resigned myself to believing life had to be a struggle. Ranjini was able to explain why I have felt this way all my life along with self-doubt and lack of confidence.
After the clearing, I felt at ease and a sense of peace and great joy came over me. It’s been a week since the clearing and I have continued to feel life is easier.  I am taking more time for myself and celebrating my accomplishments a lot more than I ever did before.
Ranjini is intuitive, thoughtful and caring. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to transform.

Thank you Ranjini.

Donna Hall (Canada)





May 2022