An energy scan is an intuitive method of reading your energy field and identifying the negative emotional baggage or the core wounds you that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential and attaining the life you desire. Your energy field has layers and layers of energy in your chakras which have accumulated since childhood or even from past lives.

We each have seven major chakras or energy points, which are located on the midline of our bodies and identified by shape and colour. Blocks are identified by their effect on the shape and colour of a chakra and blockages illuminate patterns of behaviour, beliefs and emotions that restrict your ability to live life in a way that is meaningful and joyful for you. They also provide information about personal and spiritual growth issues you may not be consciously aware. Examining the colours of your chakras, a chakra reading, allows insight into why you may have created certain circumstances and offers guidance into how to transform problems into opportunities.

Energy scanning is the process in which each of your chakras are viewed remotely and the information held in each one of them is intuitively revealed and collected. An Energy Scan Clearing and Healing energetically clears out the negativity and heals core wounds that have been holding you back emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The benefits of energy scan clearing and healing include; help in manifesting your dreams, improved relationships, relieve money issues, release anger, fears, worries, increased self confidence and self esteem as well as a deeper trust in your intuitive powers that guide you to live your life purposefully.



  • Are you ready to discover the situations in your life that are blocking your realization of your goals?
  • Are your thought patterns and feelings limiting you and keeping you from fulfilling your goals?
  • Are you overcome with fears, anger and money worries?
  • Are you ready to identify your deepest desire?
  • Would you like to change?
  • Do you need help to move forward?
  • Are you seeking Divine guidance to eliminate the blocks that keep you from fulfilling your goals and enjoying your life path?
  • Are you stuck in your career, relationships or childhood trauma?
  • Are you afraid someone or something is draining your energies?
  • Are you ready to move forward and fulfil your soul purpose?

If you answered YES to even one question, help is available NOW! During the Energy Scan with angelic help, I will intuitively identify your top energetic blocks and pinpoint the root causes of your struggles, as well as explain and clear them in a loving, nurturing manner.

Now is the time to clear energy blocks that no longer serve you. Take this opportunity to experience more love, joy and abundance in your life.

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May 2022