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Learn to ask questions and receive answers from your angels.

Open fluid lines of communication with your angels and discover how to invite them into your daily life.

Learn how to ask for and receive your angels help and guidance with your life issues both big and small.

The Angelic Communications Course will teach you to:

  • Become aware of the presence of the angels.
  • Identify the different ways in which angels communicate.
  • Fine-tune your intuitive skills to tune into the angels.
  • Meet and communicate your personal guardian angel.
  • Learn to communicate with the seven Great Archangels.
  • Ask questions and receive answers.
  • Gain clarity on what is restricting you from love, joy and abundance in your life.
  • Receive guidance from the angels to remove these restrictions.
  • Gain awareness to make positive changes in your life.



Is a powerful tool when you are seeking guidance regarding any area of your life. They provide clear guidance and comfort when you are experiencing a transition in life, your relationship, in your home or your career. Angel Card Readings tap into the Angelic presence and guide you toward your best life. They give you insight into your relationships, career and finances while filling you with peace of mind and bolstering your confidence in your decisions.


Is designed to suit the different age groups.


I was fascinated by Angels for many years and kept buying books on the subject in thirst for more but was never satisfied. I had done a mind power workshop in Mumbai by Dr Sneh Desai who was first introduced to the fascinating world of Angels. He gave us students a glowing account of Ranjini woodhouse in whose workshop on Angels he had experienced a magical time.

One day I was feeling dissatisfied with life and randomly browsed the net and I came across an article that Ranjini Woodhouse was visiting Mumbai for a workshop. I felt it was a sign from the Angels to me and I was so happy. I emailed Ranjini mam immediately and booked my seat for her upcoming workshop but due to not being able to find a suitable organiser her plans for coming to India fell through. I requested her to please come as I was really looking forward to the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about my favourite topic from the person who got me indirectly fascinated about Angels in the first place. Ranjini mam was positive and willing to come and teach if I helped her organise the class and I readily agreed. I was so happy and put my heart and soul into finding interested students and my mind power teacher Sneh Desai helped me immensely as a sign of gratitude for the knowledge she had given him.

Angelic communication, Manifesting with the Angels and Angel Card Readings classes with Ranjini mam connected me with the Angels in a way that will remain with me my whole life. Those three days were the most enriching experiences of my life in many ways. Ranjini mam not only introduced me to the beautiful world of Angels but taught me to be a much more confident and contented person by showing her trust in my abilities for organising a class and making my dream of learning about Angels from her. As a result of this, my life has changed.

Thank you mam for coming into my life and continuing to be a cherished friend even after our workshop in 2014.