Angels for Hire

Have you experienced an angel encounter? Are you burning with curiosity about angelic influences in your life? Angels for Hire is your simple guidebook to all things angelic. It includes instructions and exercises to hone your awareness to the presence of angels, and opens your heart and mind to the love and support your angels shower on you daily.


“Ranjini’s book Angels-For Hire — is an introduction to the wonderful world of angelic beings who can be our soul guides and help us in our life purpose and direct us to take a higher path. The book gently guides us from hopelessness to hopefulness. We can practically pick up tips to increase our intuitive skills, heal and change us. She also introduces Ayurvedic chakras in the healing process which is a great combination with angelic prowess. All in all, a wonderful guide for personal happiness and growth.”

Nona Walia

Senior Assistant Editor at The Times of India


I grew up believing in angels.  Ranjini your book is simple to read and very informative. It has given me a greater understanding of how angels communicate with us. Irrespective of religious differences, we need all the help from God and the angels to change our lives and make this world a better place.

Rev. Sr.  D Flynn


“This book has amazing content.  It needs to be read carefully as this subject is now more relevant than ever to us. We need to heed the contents, within our own lives, as it is probably significant to the present dishevelled state of the world we live in.”

Dr. Margaret Wright

Retired Consultant, Child Psychiatrist.


If your life is full of stress, worries, doubts and you are faced with painful situations, this is the doorway to your soul connection with your own guardian angel. Angels are celestial beings sent by God or Higher Power to guide us in this life. This is a practical guide to get to know your own guardian angel, develop a working relationship, and become aware of the positive effects they are said to have on your life.

Kindle Edition Only

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