Greetings and welcome! I am Ranjini Woodhouse, a Coach, Healer and Teacher. I am blessed to be an internationally known Energy Scan Healer Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, as well as Karuna Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner ® . Today, I am your host and guide; I am grateful you are here and pray that you find information as well as opportunities that will bless and uplift you.

Like each of you, I have faced struggles as well as difficulties throughout my life. My challenges and traumas combined with my eastern background led me to become a spiritual seeker and student. I have studied Crystals, Aromatherapy, Colours for Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cellular Releasement Therapy and Counselling, and I regularly us the essential spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, contemplation, writing to God and receiving answers. These have helped me to transform my life and find inner peace, love, compassion, joy and harmony; they have also ignited a powerful desire to help others, you, discover the healing I’ve experienced as well as the peace, love and joy I am blessed to live every day.

It is my fervent hope to help you become aware of and understand the process of receiving Divine guidance throughout every moment of your life.


If your life is full of stress, worries, doubts and you are faced with painful situations, this is the doorway to your soul connection with your own guardian angel. Angels are celestial beings sent by God or Higher Power to guide us in this life. This is a practical guide to get to know your own guardian angel, develop a working relationship, and become aware of the positive effects they are said to have on your life.